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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Investigation - Day 2

  • Talk about “The investigation” and “The Amazing Nine-Tails.”
  • Move to the Wright Anything Agency.
  • Talk about “Our defense” and “You and Athena.”
  • Talk about “Feathers and tracks” and “What you remembered.”
  • Present the Fox and Demon Statue and the Blackmail Letter.
  • Talk about “Blackmail letter.”
  • Move to Yokai Lane.
  • Talk about “What you remember” and “The Forbidden Chamber.”
  • Present the Fox and Demon Statue.
  • Talk about “Did you see Tenma Taro?” and “Rumor about Jinxie.”
  • Present the Blackmail Letter.
  • Move to the Fox Chamber.
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the table, the orange object under the table, the fox statues, and the large door. Change the camera angle by pressing right and investigate the folding screen.
  • Examine the scene and investigate the folding screen again. Look at the back of the screen and examine the key at the edge and the keyhole in the center.
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the statue, the staves, the colorful tube, the altar, and the air vent.
  • Move to the Kyubi Manor Foyer.
  • Talk about “Stealing,” “Forbidden Chamber Treasure,” and “Tenma Taro Sighting.”
  • Present Village Superstitions, then talk about “Tenma Taro Sighting” again.
  • Move to the Detention Center.
  • Talk about “Rumor about Jinxie,” “The real story,” and “Feathers and tracks.”
  • Talk about “Taro’s true identity.”
  • Talk about “What you remember.”
  • Use the bracelet. Look at Jinxie’s hand holding the charm and Perceive when she says “That’s all he said.”

  • Talk about “What you remember” again.
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