Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Episode 2: The Monstrous Turnabout

 Investigation - Day 1

  • Move to Kyubi Manor Garden.
  • Talk about Nine-Tails Vale.
  • Present your Attorney’s Badge.
  • Talk about “Nine-Tails Vale” and “Tenma Taro.”
  • Talk about “About what happened” and “The alderman.”
  • Move to the Detention Center.
  • Talk about “Reason for arrest” and “Motive.”
  • Move to Yokai Lane.
  • Talk about “Athena Cykes,” “The client,” and “Psychology.”
  • Move to Kyubi Manor Foyer.
  • Talk about “Investigating the scene” and “Persuasion.”
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the green cloth under the left chair (from afar and close up), the outline on the table, and the large door. Change the camera angle by pressing left, then investigate the window and the small statue next to the chair.

  • Talk about “Details of the case,” “Feathers and tracks,” “Suspects,” and “The prosecution.”
  • Talk about “The Amazing Nine-Tails,” “Amazing Nine-Tails’s Death,” and “About the alderman’s murder.”
  • Move to Yokai Lane.
  • Talk about “The incident,” “Tenma Taro did it?,” “The Amazing Nine-Tails,” and “The Tenma Taro you saw.”
  • Talk about “Keeping Jinxie quiet” and “Your alibi.”
  • Talk about “Tenma Taro’s revival,” and “Why the merger?”
  • When prompted, use the bracelet.
  • Look at Damian Tenma’s right eye (on the left side of the screen) and Perceive when he says “in terms of tourism.”
  • Present the Amazing Nine-Tails Glossy.
  • Talk about “Why the merger?”
  • Present the Amazing Nine-Tails Mask.
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