Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Trial - Day 2

Hugh O’Conner’s Testimony: What O’Conner Saw

  • On the third statement, present the Stage Set Up Photos.
  • Choose “His neck.”
  • Choose “Move the body.”
  • Present the School Banner.
  • Choose “The victim’s blood.”

Hugh O’Conner’s Testimony: Hugh’s Confession

  • On the seventh statement, use Probe and select Woods.
  • On the third statement, use Pinpoint and select the green icon.
  • Present the Lecture Hall Diagram.
  • On the fourth statement, use Pinpoint and select the blue icon.
  • Present Juniper Woods.
  • Choose “Where they’re easy to touch.”
  • Present Aristotle Means.
  • Choose “Pre-recorded.”
  • Select and present the golden statue.
  • Present Voiceprint Analysis.

Aristotle Means’ Testimony: Prof. Means’s Testimony

  • On the fifth statement, present the Tape Recorder.

Aristotle Means’ Testimony: Prof. Means’s Works of Art

  • On the fourth statement, press the witness.
  • Choose “Yes, I accept it.”
  • Choose “Crime scene.”
  • Select and present the stage.
  • Present the School Banner.
  • Select and present the black banner.
  • Present the Burnt Fragments.
  • Present Lady Justice.
  • Choose “Point us to the body.”
  • Choose “During the mock trial,” “During the speech,” “The white statue,” and “The Wright statue.”
  • Choose “Behind my head.”
  • Present the Arrow.
  • Select and present Means’s staff.
  • Choose “Test the spear for blood.”
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