Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Trial - Day 1 - Part 2

Apollo Justice’s Testimony: Apollo Justice’s Accusation

  • Press the witness on all four statements.
  • Select and present the Space Museum Corridor.
  • Select and present somewhere outside the building.
  • Present the Emergency Ladder.
  • Present the Phantom’s Psych Profile.
  • Present Bobby Fulbright.

Bobby Fulbright’s Testimony: The Embodiment of Justice

  • On the second statement, press the witness. Ask about “The number of prints.”
  • On the fifth statement, present Aura’s Statement.
  • Use the bracelet. Look at Fulbright’s left hand (on the right side of the screen) and Perceive when he says “The Earth emblem.”
  • Examine the planet emblem on the lighter.
  • Choose “The owner of the prints.”
  • On the third statement, use Pinpoint and select the blue icon. Choose “Your identity will be revealed.”

Bobby Fulbright’s Testimony: My Fear of the Moon Rock

  • On the third statement, present the Utility Knife.
  • Present the “Hope” Capsule.
  • Present the Phony Phanty Bomb.
  • Select and present the black-and-yellow fragment in the upper-left area of the photo.
  • Present the Moon Rock Earring. -Watch the events unfold and unleash one final “Objection!”
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