Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Investigation - Day 1

  • Talk about “The case,” “The HAT-1 Miracle,” “Outer space,” and “The victim.”
  • Move to the Entrance.
  • Talk about “Yuri Cosmos, “About the bombing,” and “About HAT-1.”
  • Move to the Boarding Lounge.
  • Move to Launch Pad 1 Corridor.
  • Talk about “The crime scene,” “What happened, exactly?,” and “The witness.”
  • Move to the Boarding Lounge.
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the body outline, the training device on the ceiling, and the door with the red marking. The viewing angle will change automatically. Investigate the door with the blue marking to zoom in, then investigate the door itself and the knob on the wall. Back out, then investigate the floor near the far wall. Investigate the white floor panel near the right wall and the grate near the back wall. After zooming in, investigate the shining spot. Back out twice. Press right to change the viewing angle. Investigate the panel on the left table to turn off the screens. Press left to change the camera angle. Investigate the black screen to zoom in, then investigate the bullet hole.
  • Talk about “The HAT-1” and “Launch pad layout.”

  • Present Terran’s Autopsy Report.
  • Move to Launch Pad 1 Corridor.
  • Talk about “Bullet hole at the scene,” and “Fingerprint data.”
  • Present the Security Camera Video.
  • Use the Magatama. Choose “Justice.” Present the Evacuation Report and Candice Arme.
  • Talk about “What you can’t say,” “Prosecutor Blackquill,” and “Haunted for seven years.”
  • Talk about “Your last name,” “The witness,” and “Why you hate lawyers.”
  • Move to the Detention Center.
  • Talk about “The lighter.”
  • Talk about “Your injuries,” “Clay Terran,” and “I’m fine.”
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