Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Trial - Day 1

Bobby Fulbright’s Testimony: About the Murder

  • On the fifth statement, present the Fox and Demon Statue.
  • Choose “There are no fingerprints.”
  • Choose “To wrap the statue.”

Bobby Fulbright’s Testimony: Feathers and Tracks

  • On the fourth statement, press the witness.
  • On the fifth statement, present the Crime Photo.
  • Select and present the bloody footprint or the feathers on top of the blood.

Phineas Filch’s Testimony: Guarding the Foyer

  • On the third statement, present the TV Listings.
  • Present the Foyer Diagram.

Phineas Filch’s Testimony: Ears Working Overtime

  • On the third statement, press the witness. Choose “Very important.”
  • On the fourth statement, present the Yokai Legend Scroll.
  • Choose “He actually saw Tenma Taro.”

Jinxie Tenma’s Testimony: What Jinxie Saw

  • When prompted, use Probe. Select the Cat Monster on a Wheel of Fire.
  • Select and present the chandelier.
  • On the third statement, use Pinpoint and select the blue icon.

  • Present the Nine-Tails Flower.
  • Select and present the door leading from the Fox Chamber to the hallway.
  • Choose “The perp locked it from outside.”
  • Choose “Threw it in from outside.”
  • Select and present the air duct.
  • Present the Special Edition Paper.
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