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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies Walkthrough

Episode 5: Turnabout for Tomorrow

Investigation - Day 1

  • Move to the Entrance.
  • Move to the Boarding Lounge.
  • Talk about “About the murder,” “The murderer,” and “Switching the launchpads.”
  • Investigate the leaves on the ground and the device to the right of the door.
  • Move to the Entrance.
  • Talk about “Switching the launchpads.”
  • Use the Magatama. Choose “To save the astronauts.” Present Clay Terran. Choose “The Hat-1 Miracle.” Present Simon Blackquill.
  • Talk about “Switching the launchpads,” “The spy,” “Just like seven years ago,” and “The ‘Hope’ Capsule.”
  • Move to the Space Museum.
  • Talk about “Athena and the Space Center,” “Sad memory,” and “Young Athena.”
  • Present the HAT-1 Exhibit.
  • Move to the Robotics Lab.
  • Talk about “About what happened,” “Seven years ago,” “Clonco and Ponco,” and “Dr. Cykes and Simon.”
  • Move to the Wright Anything Agency.
  • Talk about “Pearls” and “Pearls’s errand.”
  • Move to the Detention Center.
  • Talk about “Seven years ago.”
  • Talk about “The trial seven years ago” and “Execution date.”
  • Choose “Retry it in court.”
  • Talk about “Miles Edgeworth,” “The UR-1 incident,” and “Simon Blackquill.”
  • Examine the scene. Investigate the giant robot and the workbench to the right. Push left to change the camera angle and investigate the operating table, the red box, and the picture on the desk.
  • Talk about “Edgeworth’s request” and “The dark age of the law.”
  • Talk about “The day of the crime” and “Your mother’s work.”
  • Present Robots with a Heart.
  • Talk about “Seven years ago” and “Why you became a lawyer.”
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