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Outriders inventory wipe fix will give players their gear back with “god rolls”

Outriders legendary weapons
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Outriders developers People Can Fly have promised that lost gear will be returned to players with “god rolls”, meaning it will be as good or better than the original equipment.

Outriders had a few bugs and issues around launch, but none were as devastating to players as the inventory wipe glitch, which completely wiped their character’s weapons and armor that they’d earned throughout tens of hours of gameplay. While the bug itself has been fixed, the developers are still working on restoring the lost gear to those affected by the bug. 

While we still don’t have a fixed date on when the restore will take place, the Outriders team posted an update on Reddit confirming that all lost gear will be returned to players with “god rolls”.

The term god rolls basically means that these weapons and armour pieces will come with the best possible stats attached to them. Equipment in Outriders, like many looter shooters, varies in stats even when you’re looking at the same piece of gear at the same level. Some players were concerned that the replacement gear they were going to be given could be inferior to the ones they lost, but thankfully People Can Fly has confirmed that won’t be the case.

The inventory wipe was one of many issues for Outriders during its launch week, and a subsequent patch actually made the issue much more prevalent. The glitch itself has now been fixed, but those players who already lost their gear are still stuck waiting for their character’s gear to return so they can keep playing. While some players weren’t far through the game when they were struck by the glitch, others had put 40+ hours in and lost multiple legendary weapons, which left them understandably upset.

People Can Fly is going to be giving out an Outriders Community Appreciation Package to all players who played before a certain date to make up for the launch  issues, which will include a Legendary item and some Titanium, the in-game resource required to level up epic weapons and armour.

Keep up to date on the latest updates with our roundup on the Outriders Patch Notes.

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