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New Mafia 3 trailer gives the lowdown on another untrustworthy ally

The cliche of gang members turning on their leaders is a well-known and well-worn storytelling device by this point, but it looks like Mafia 3 (opens in new tab) is at least trying to add some depth to the trope. A new video exploring the history and motivations of Cassandra, AKA "the voodoo queen" shows that even if the lady turns out to be saving one knife specifically for you, she's got good reason:

I gotta say, I was never big into the Mafia series and I wasn't paying Mafia 3 much mind when it was announced. The more I see of it though, the more I'm intrigued. New Bordeaux is evocative of a unique time and place we don't see much in games, and the teases so far hint at a very mature story that will address heavy themes like racism, classism, and of course, violence as a means to an end.

That doesn't mean I'm going to let my guard down, though. When you deal with criminals, you're bound to get burned. How about you? How long do you give Cassandra and the rest of Lincoln's crew before they turn on you?

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