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First Loki Marvel set photos show Tom Hiddleston suited and booted (and is that Lady Loki?)

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

We’ve seemingly got our first full glimpse of Tom Hiddleston’s return to the MCU with a set of leaked Loki set photos. The 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Disney Plus series could be introducing a female version of the God of Mischief if these images are any indication.

Instead of his usual regal garb, we’re treated to Loki in his best suit and tie. While I’m sure he was saving it in the event of his brother’s funeral, here he’s surrounded by several members of what appears to be a SWAT team. He’s also sporting a coat that makes him look more detective than deity. Just what is going on here?

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To add to the confusion – no doubt caused by Loki’s swiping of the cosmic cube in Avengers: Endgame – is the appearance of what could be Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino.

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The hair colour is different, sure, but the get-up is strikingly similar to the one Loki wore in Thor: Ragnarok. That, interestingly enough, follows on from news that we’re getting a gender-swap Thor – Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster – in Thor: Love and Thunder next year.

Outside of a literal three-second snippet during the Marvel Super Bowl 2020 teaser, Loki footage hasn’t materialised just yet. But with production now ongoing, it should only be a matter of time before we find out more about the show – including whether his time-travel shenanigans in Endgame will catch up to him, as hinted by the Time Variance Authority’s logo being spotted in the Super Bowl trailer.

I’m just not sure if the multiverse is ready for more than one Loki – if that’s what we’re looking at here.

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