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Jared Leto rumoured to have a cameo in Batman v Superman

Big rumours emerging from the DC universe this morning, with Jared Leto's Joker (opens in new tab) reportedly set to make a cameo appearance in Batman v Superman, and Ben Affleck also set to pop up in Suicide Squad.

Firstly, Affleck has been spotted on the set of Suicide Squad, which is currently shooting in Toronto. It had previously been reported that there could be a Batman cameo in David Ayer’s film, and Affleck’s appearance on set would certainly suggest that to be the case. However, Latino Review (opens in new tab) has expanded on that by claiming that Leto’s Joker will appear in a flashback scene in Batman v Superman. Said scene will apparently show just how the Joker ends up in prison, while also going some way towards explaining why the Batman we see in Zack Snyder’s film is such a damaged individual…

It could be argued that Batman v Superman already has enough characters to juggle, but we doubt anyone will be complaining at the prospect of seeing Batman and the Joker going head to head, even if only briefly. That film will hit US and UK screens on 25 March 2016 before Suicide Squad arrives on 5 August 2016.

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