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Wolverine's flippin' you the claw, bub

As the man himself confirmed at this year's Comic-Con, the next Wolverine solo movie will be the last time Hugh Jackman plays the mutton-chopped mutant. To loop fans in on that next film, Jackman turned to social media to drop the first teaser image - and invite them to contribute to the story.

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Along with the OneLastTime hashtag, the photo shows a suitably-muscled Jackman kitted out with his adamantium claws, giving the finger. Accompanying the image is an invite for fans to submit their own thoughts on what they'd like to see in the film in 50 words or less. Wolvie fan fiction, if you will. Who knows? You might get to see your name up in lights.

For now, the powers that be are holding back the official story details, but there was talk of Old Man Logan at Comic-Con. However it shakes out, James Mangold is set to direct the untitled Wolverine movie due for release on March 3, 2017.

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