Hardcore Dreamcast racer returns

System 3 has picked up the Ferrari license and is readying an ultra realistic racer, Ferrari Challenge, to hit Wii, PS3, DS and PSP.

Although details are currently sketchy, Ferrari Challenge will feature an inevitably epic 16-player online mode on the PS3, while both portable versions will support 4-player wireless racing, and game-sharing (multiple players, one copy of the game).

The Wii game will, of course, boast motion control but, strangely, no multiplayer details have been announced for the console.

Being based on the same license, comparisons will inevitably be drawn between System 3's effort and Ferrari 355 Challenge, which originally appeared on the Dreamcast. If it's anything like that, the new game will focus on total realism, which will make for a technical and highly challenging game.

Ferrari Challenge is yet to receive a release date.

March 16, 2007