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GTA Online Solomon Movie Props: How to find all collectibles and unlock The Space Interloper Outfit

If you're on the hunt for GTA Online Solomon Movie Props, then you'll have received a call from the big man himself to ask for help in recovering his stolen memorabilia. Solomon's office over at the Richards Majestic Movie Studio has been completely cleared out, though the thieves are going to regret picking this particular target now you're on the case. Finding these items is a rewarding endeavour in GTA Online, as you'll not only receive a cash bonus for completing the set, but also add the Space Interloper special outfit to your wardrobe. Tracking down these missing items isn't easy, especially as several are found inside vehicles that can spawn in multiple locations, so we've got all the GTA Online Solomon Movie Props locations listed here along with the details you need to grab every one of them.

UPDATE: If you find all 10 of the stolen movie prop collectibles by September 23, you'll receive a bonus reward of GTA$250,000 within the next seven days.

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GTA Online Solomon Movie Props locations

(click map to expand) (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

On the map above we've marked the locations of all 10 GTA Online Solomon Movie Props, which you should definitely click on to take an expanded look. Here's a breakdown of what and where everything is:

  • GTA Online Solomon Movie Props Items:

  • 1: Meltdown Film Reel - Just outside Solomon's office beside a bin
  • 2: WIFA Award - On a desk in the back office of the Vanilla Unicorn. You'll need to request a private dance to get in
  • 3: Headdress - In the bathroom on the far east side of the Diamond Casino
  • 4: Alien Head - On the Beam Me Up mural
  • 5: Mummy Head - On the porch of an old house
  • 6: Clapperboard - On a desk in a ground floor office at the Fort Zancudo control tower
  • 7: Monster Head - On the rocks to the west of the Altruist Camp

  • GTA Online Solomon Movie Props Vehicles:

  • 8A: Rumpo Van - Parked at Simmet Alley in Textile City
  • 8B: Rumpo Van - Parked outside Darnell Bros. (Lester's clothes factory)
  • 8C: Rumpo Van - Driving west over San Andreas Avenue Bridge

  • 9A: Pony Van - Parked in the Kortz Center parking lot
  • 9B: Pony Van - Parked on the east side of the Epsilon Center
  • 9C: Pony Van - Driving north on Tongva Drive

  • 10A: Rebel Pickup - Parked in the alley behind The Hen House
  • 10B: Rebel Pickup - Parked in the Willie's Supermarket parking lot
  • 10C: Rebel Pickup - Driving east on Great Ocean Highway

Note that in addition to the seven items you need to collect, there are also three different vehicles to find which can each spawn at one of three locations, marked as A-C. These appear at random, and many players are having trouble finding them at all, so if you're not getting any luck then try coming back at a different in-game time of day or switching servers. You'll know when one has successfully spawned as a small 'Random Event' blip will appear on your minimap from a distance away, at which point you'll need to be ready to take out some enemies and steal it. You may want to attempt retrieving these vehicles in an invite only session, so other players can't destroy it once you finally get one!

GTA Online Solomon Movie Props

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

As soon as you find one of the GTA Online Solomon Movie Props, the marker will appear on your map to return it to his office. You can continue to collect as many of the items as you like before you drop them off, though we would recommend making delivery before ending your session.

GTA Online Solomon Movie Props Space Interloper outfit

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Return all 10 GTA Online Solomon Movie Props to their rightful owner, and as well as earning a total of $150,000 along the way you'll also unlock The Space Interloper Outfit, which can be collected from the chest inside Solomon's office.

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