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GTA Online players resort to walking in circles to farm XP

GTA online
(Image credit: Rockstar)

GTA Online players are walking in circles to farm a very specific type of XP. 

As first picked up on by PC Gamer, players accumulate Tuner XP in GTA Online over time by simply playing the game, but because a recent update prevented players from earning XP by simply watching TV in their apartments, they've had to get a little more creative. Enter the method of walking in circles repeatedly.

Just below, one Twitter user has chronicled the current goings-on in GTA Online. Right now in Rockstar's multiplayer mode, players can gather at an event called a Car Meet, where they can show off their customized rides to impress other players. It's here that players passively accumulate Tuner XP over time by simply being present, but you won't accumulate the XP if you're away from the game, hence why players are walking in circles to stay "active."

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It's a sneaky method, but we can't exactly begrudge the GTA Online community for exploring every avenue of free XP. It should be noted that this XP significantly decreases once you reach level 100 in GTA Online, but until then, it appears to be a solid method of gaining experience relatively quickly.

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