GTA 5 Peyote Plant location guide

Peyote Plants 21-27 

21: Pacific Ocean

This peyote plant is deep in the ocean east of Humane Labs and Research, so it's best to search for it with the scuba gear from a submarine - if you've completed the Wildlife Photography Challenge then there's one just up the coast to the north. Swim down and look just behind the wreckage of a large truck.

22: Pacific Ocean

Off the coast west of Paleto Bay, swim down near a large group of sponges and a stone archway.

23: Los Santos International Airport

Another underwater one, found in the inlet to the east of the airport.

24: Mirror Park

Check the plant pot on the rear porch of the house in this new development.

25: Mount Chiliad

You may find it easier to grab a helicopter and scout out this location high in the hills surrounding Mount Chiliad.

26: Grand Senora Desert

In the desert west of Trevor's airstrip, near the oil derricks.

27: Fort Zancudo

In a valley running down the hill to the north of Fort Zancudo.

Congratulations - you've now found every peyote plant collectible!

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