GTA 5 Peyote Plant location guide

Peyote Plants 11-20 

11: Pacific Ocean

Off the coast to the east of N.O.O.S.E headquarters, swim or sail to the most southeastern small island and grab this peyote.

12: Pacific Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean, west of the Great Ocean Highway bridge near a sunken boat. This one is pretty tricky to track down, so grabbing the submarine from the Sonar Collections Dock then exiting and using the scuba gear can help when scouring the sea bed.

13: Alamo Sea

In the Alamo Sea, to the northwest near a rounded outcrop of land.

14: El Burro Heights

South of the El Burro Heights scrapyard, just to the west of the car park across the road.

15: Vinewood Hills

Next to some bushes in Vinewood Hills, near the approach road leading to the Galileo Observatory.

16: Ron Alternatives Wind Farm

Within the trailer park near the wind farm.

17: Grand Senora Desert

On the side of a hill, southeast of the Redwood Lights Track.

18: Vinewood Hills

In the Vinewood Hills by a large rock, near a Park Ranger station.

19: West Vinewood

Use a helicopter to reach the rooftop balcony of the Gentry Manor Hotel, then check the plant pot on the side nearest the road.

20: San Andreas/Magellan Ave

Use a helicopter to reach the rooftop of the Venetian Hotel, then check the plant pot on a small patch of grass to the side.

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