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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City unique jumps location guide

Jump 16

Hit the first ramp with enough speed to clear the second level of the building.

Jump 17

This jump is just west of the previous one.

Jump 18

Carefully travel up to the top of the construction site via the wooden planks. Launch off the end of the girder to achieve the jump bonus.

Jump 19

This jump is just south of the Malibu. Angle your jump slightly to the right to get the bonus.

Jump 20

First use this ramp to reach the rooftop of the next building: (insert j20-1.jpg).
Once on top of the second rooftop, hit this jump with enough speed to go into the Film Studio. (insert j20-2.jpg)

Jump 21

Use the stairs across from Ammu-Nation to jump onto the roof of the building.

Jump 22

Available only during the mission “G-Spotlight.” This is the first jump you encounter. Once on the top floor of the office building, you’ll jump through a large glass window and onto an adjacent building.

Jump 23

Available only during the mission “G-Spotlight.” You have to hit the jump, launching toward the U-shaped building in the distance.

Jump 24

The final ramp you’ll encounter during the “G-Spotlight” mission from the Film Studio. Keep following the jumps from building to building until you reach the final jump -- make sure you hit it with a good amount of speed, otherwise you’re in for a long trip back.

Jump 25

In the alley by the pink building.

Jump 26

In an alley between some rundown homes. The ramp will launch you south.

Jump 27

Hit the jump between the two houses and launch over the drainage ditch and onto the roof of the building across from it.

Jump 28

Use this ramp to get to a rooftop:

(insert j28-1.jpg)

Once on top, follow the ramps until you reach the final one. You’ll have to build up a good amount of speed to get the bonus:

(insert j28-2.jpg).

Jump 29

Use the Vice Surf billboard to jump to the airport’s roof.

Jump 30

Hit the ramp and land on the lower level of the police building.

Jump 31

The jump is at the end of the runway. You have to land in the fenced parking lot.

Jump 32

Use the ramp to jump the boarding gate on the east side of the airport.

Jump 33

This jump is just southwest of the airport building itself.

Jump 34

Oh look, another ramp over a boarding gate. This one faces east.

Jump 35

Hit the yellow sign, slightly angled to the right, and clear the roof of the radar building.

Jump 36

On the opposite side of the radar building from the last jump is the final ramp.