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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City unique jumps location guide

There are 36 unique jump locations throughout Vice City. You’ll want to procure a PCJ Motorcycle, as some jumps cannot be completed without one. You can find a PCJ 600 bike near the Standing Vice Point building in Vice Point.

You'll always want to hit each jump with as much speed as possible. Most require that you clear an obstacle or land on the roof of a building. Make sure you get the “UNIQUE JUMP” title after landing a jump before moving on to the next one.

Note: Jumps 22, 23 and 24 are only available during the mission “G-Spotlight” obtained in the Film Studio.

Jumps 1 + 2

Both of these jumps can be found on the piers in the southwest. Start on the northern pier, hit the first jump and keep going to hit the second.

Jumps 3 + 4

Another double jump. Find the the alley north of the Pay ‘N’ Spray. The white stairs in the picture are the first jump. You’ll land on a rooftop, continue ahead to the next jump.

Jump 5

On top of the parking garage. Hit the ramp and launch to the building to the north.

Jump 6

In the alley, use the crates to jump onto the rooftop to the left.

Jump 7

On top of the mall’s parking garage. Make sure to hit the jump on the east side of the garage, land on the roof of the next building to register the bonus.

Jump 8

(insert j8-1.jpg)

On the roof you landed on from jump 7, use the ramp on the northeast corner of the rooftop. You have to clear the corner of the roof belonging to the building across the street for the bonus to register. It’s best if you hit the jump from this location:

(insert j8-2.jpg)

Jump 9

This jump can be really tricky. You have to jump the pallets in the picture and reach the rooftop across the street. Build up some speed using the alley behind you.

Jump 10

Build up speed and use this stairwell to launch onto the roof of the white building across the street.

Jump 11

Be sure to back up all the way to the beach to build enough speed for this jump. Hit the stairs angled slightly to the right. You have to clear the entirety of the street for the bonus to count.

Jump 12

In the alley, hit the western set of stairs, angled slightly to the right to land on the pink building across the street.

Jump 13

Hit this ramp and clear the water.

Jump 14

On the opposite side of the water from the last jump. Hit the sandy ramp to jump the water once more.

Jump 15

Hit the steps by the house found on northeastern Starfish Island and jump over the hedge.