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Get a quality cheap Razer headset this Prime Day at Amazon UK

Get a quality cheap Razer headset this Prime Day at Amazon UK

There aren't many better gaming headsets than Razer headsets, and if you've been eyeing one up, then these particular Amazon Prime Day gaming deals are worthy of your immediate attention.  

A headset from Razer is likely to put you near the top tier of gaming headsets, as many of them are considered some of the best gaming headsets going, so getting one with a healthy discount is the ideal scenario - which is what you can do today in these excellent Amazon Prime Day headset deals.

There are a few different Razer headsets on offer today with one particular standout, one more budget option, and one set that's perfect for mobile gaming and the commute (whenever those start regularly happening again).

A long-term favourite of ours, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition has got a major price cut today. At only £38 this is absurd value for money for a headset that's going to serve you well whatever platform is your go-to. Coming in traditional Razer green, the Tournament Edition will offer great flexibility through its external soundcard but also that infamous Kraken-level of audio greatness. A seriously great deal.

Cheaper still is today's pricing of the Kraken X gaming headset which is down to £30. This is a headset that will also serve you well whatever you play on, utilising an audio jack connection to keep things simple and flexible while retaining that Kraken audio quality and Razer build quality.

Lastly, the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless earbuds offer a cable-free, in-ear option for those who play mobile games or want something simple and easy for watching TV and film on a tablet or listening to music on the commute. I used the Hammerheads for months when commuting and they are my favorite in-ear headphones due to their fit, audio performance, and clarity. At nearly half price, these are excellent value at £56.99

Cheap Razer headsets

And for more Razer gear and advice check out our guides to Razer streaming and Razer laptops. We've also got a guide to the best gaming earbuds, of which you'll find the Razer Hammerhead mentioned above.

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