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Far Cry 6 PC players can now use Share Play with Ubisoft Connect

Far Cry 6
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Far Cry 6 players can now explore Yara together as Ubisoft implements Share Play into the game. 

As part of Ubisoft Connect, Far Cry 6 players can now share their gameplay with other PC players. Similar to PlayStation’s Share Play function, all players need to be able to Share Play Far Cry 6 is for one person (the host) to have a copy of the game installed on Ubisoft Connect PC, and a friend who is willing to watch also signed up on PC. 

The beauty of Share Play is that you can livestream your gameplay whilst also "passing the controller" to the person watching, meaning you can essentially play through the entire game together online. However, just like PlayStation, Share Play is only available in 60 minute long sessions, but these sessions are unlimited.

Anyone who wants to share their gameplay - or tune in - needs to be signed up to Ubisoft Connect PC and have it running in the background. Both parties also need a stable internet connection, but other than that it’s pretty straightforward and free. 

In other Far Cry 6 news, Ubisoft recently accidentally released - and then pulled - a DLC mission starring Danny Trejo after it was released early. The team behind Far Cry 6 said in a recent update’s patch notes that the DLC would be released "at a later date" however we still haven’t received any confirmation of when since the DLC was removed a month ago. 

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