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Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime before the deals start flowing on Monday 15 July

Don’t forget to sign up for Amazon Prime before the deals start flowing on Monday 15 July
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It’s nearly here. One of the biggest online retail events of the year, Prime Day, is just around the corner and it is crucial that you don't miss out on all the Amazon Prime Day game deals. It’s only topped by Black Friday in terms of prices being slashed and opportunities to be jumped on, so it pays to stick around and be prepared for any hot sales that might pop up.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for getting the best Prime Day deal but you can’t do any of that, or get of the Amazon Prime Day game deals, if you’re not an Amazon Prime member. This is the membership that gives you next day delivery and access to the retail behemoth’s TV service and so on - being a regular Amazon member and shopper is not enough to take advantage of this event. 

As well as all the deals madness that will be spread far and wide, there are some other features to this year’s Prime Day. There’s a prime Day Concert featuring mega acts like Taylor Swift performing live and exclusively for Prime members. And there are also some live gaming events on Twitch, where you can watch teams of celebrities battle against each other in games like Apex Legends and FIFA. Again, only viewable for Prime members.

For UK Amazon-ers, there’s currently a great deal going for Prime Membership - you can save £20 on the annual cost, reducing it to just £59 for a whole year. Also, wherever you are, you might be eligible for a free 30-day trial if you've never been a Prime member.

Join Amazon Prime | US
This is the link to upgrade your Amazon membership to Prime.View Deal

Join Amazon Prime | UK
And to set your UK Amazon membership to prime, click here.View Deal

If you’re new to Amazon and all its worldly delights you can start the whole signing up process here for US shoppers and here for UK shoppers. We really recommend this as it can be a great way to pick up those 5 essential PC upgrades or high-price ticket items you’ve been saving up for, or take advantage of some very early Christmas shopping like I’ll be (don’t @ me).

We are well used to the whole Prime Day event now so can extend some useful advice on the whole show, from tipping you off on the gaming essentials you should buy on Prime Day to how to avoid a gaming rip-off

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