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Cheap Nintendo Switch deal: get a great Switch Lite bundle for just £229 at Currys right now

Cheap Nintendo Switch deal: get a great Switch Lite bundle for just £229 at Currys right now
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Cheap Nintendo Switch deals are very much the unicorns of the console market these days. They are few and far between and you have to be really lucky to actually see one long enough to take advantage of one. However. The Black Friday game deals period is the best time to get looking and hopefully pick one up. And right now Currys are offering a very good chance for you to do so. At the tech retailer you can get a cheap Nintendo Switch bundle for just £229 that includes: a turquoise Nintendo Switch Lite console; a copy of Pokemon Sword; a £15 eShop voucher; and and 6-months of Spotify Premium. This is a great value bundle. 

That's at least a good 30 quid saving on the whole in our eyes: the console is £190 on a good day; the game is going for £45 on its own; and the £15 eShop voucher is worth, well, £15. That would come to £250 if bought individually so you know this bundle is good value and you want to get as much bang for you buck when spending on a Nintendo deal.

Just to be clear, this is a Switch Lite deal not an offer on Nintendo's bigger and original handheld console of this generation. If you're still on the fence over which of the two systems to purchase, why not check out our handy guide to the Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite – that should help clear up[ the differences and offer you clarity before you dive in.

Cheap Nintendo Switch deal

Nintendo Switch Lite (turquoise) + Pokemon Sword + £15 eShop voucher + 6-months Spotify Premium | just £229 at Currys (save around £30)
This is a really solid bundle for UK Nintendo shoppers and the bang to buck ratio is high in this one. Surely it'll sell quick.
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Hopefully this is the start of many Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals that are going to happen this week and into next. We can only hope. To team your new console with some of the best of the other tech to boost your Nintendo experience then make sure you peruse the best Black Friday TV deals and the best Black Friday gaming headset deals.

Remember to kit out your new console with some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories.

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