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Black Friday Samsung TV deals 2021 - what to expect

Samsung QN95A
(Image credit: Samsung)

Black Friday Samsung TV deals can offer big savings on everything from high-end 8K displays to everyday 4K sets. Whether that's your main entertainment space or home TV, a spare room, gaming den... Samsung produces displays fit for every space and, crucially, every budget. These displays are some of the best out there, so any great deals are worth jumping on and here's where you find them. 

For a long time now Samsung TVs have been top products across the board for the best gaming TV, the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and some of the fancier models are easily among the best 120hz 4K TV options. With Samsung's proprietary tech constantly improving, three of the best QLED TV models are all Samsung. Only the  best OLED TVs lack a strong Samsung component. Whatever you're looking for, the Black Friday Samsung TV deals will help you save money and we'll update this list regularly so you won't miss out. 

This year's Black Friday Samsung TV deals will also mark the first of such periods of discounts for Samsung's new NeoQLED line - this range of TVs, both the 8K and 4K variants, have not been void of discounts since their release, but this year's sales period could very well see record low prices on them - we'd even go as far as to say that it's as close to nailed on as it can be. Even a review of a single NeoQLED TV, like our Samsung QN95A review, reveals what awesome features, image quality, visual experiences, and gaming enhancements are on offer, so these will be the ones to watch.

Even if you're not looking for something of a top shelf, premium nature, Samsung still provides plenty of budget 4K TV options and plenty in the mid-level tiers too; there really is something for everyone. This means that if you're in the market for a secondary, or tertiary TV for another room in the house, or for use as part of a desk setup, there's going to be a deal for you. But, if you definitely are on the hunt for something more premium, then you may find better luck with the upcoming Black Friday QLED TV deals and Black Friday OLED TV deals.

Where will the best Black Friday Samsung TV deals be?

Naturally, we think one of the best places to stay on top of the Black Friday Samsung TV deals will be this very webpage, but we know which likely retailers will be playing the game. These are the places we usually root around in to find the best deals, so if you fancy an early search, try these sites!

absolutely always has stock and deals on Samsung TVs
Best Buy:
regularly price matches with extra free gifts included
Samsung: often has decent price cuts and bundle offers
known for PC gaming but also excellent for Samsung TVs
price matches and has stores to visit too

the predictable first retailer stop on your Samsung TV search
Samsung: go straight to the horse's mouth for offers and stock
Very: always a solid retailer option and often offers price cuts
the go-to store for a wealth of Samsung TV options
Argos: can sometimes offer same-day delivery and has stacks of stock
John Lewis:
generous warranty-givers and well-trusted retailer
has the latest models and great filters to sort your results
Ebuyer: known for PC parts, but still a good stockist of Samsung TVs

When will Black Friday Samsung TV deals start?

The big day will be Friday, November 26 this year and that's when the biggest deals are likely to go live. Nonetheless, it's going to pay to be on the lookout, aware, and potentially ready to pull the trigger, from late October onwards. Retailers have a habit of going earlier and earlier with some deals, or bringing their Black Friday Samsung TV deals forward and stretching them out over a longer period, so it's worth bearing in mind and getting in shape during October.

Is it worth waiting for the Black Friday Samsung TV deals?

TVs - and big-brand TVs at that - see some of the biggest, deepest price cuts across all tech on Black Friday and the surrounding weeks. As a result, it is easily the best time of year to have a chance of getting a historic low price, a never-before-seen slash to a price, or even get other gear bundled in with TVs to make an awesome package. If you can make sure that you hold out for this year's Black Friday Samsung TV deals then you'll give yourself a top chance of making the biggest savings - especially on the latest and greatest models from this year.

However, it's worth noting that Best Buy's latest sale is also offering a Black Friday price guarantee for its My Best Buy members. Membership is free and you'll be able to secure your go-to display early without worrying about being sniped in price later on. That's because Best Buy will refund you the difference if the cost of your purchase drops further over the next few weeks - just look out for the Black Friday price guarantee when checking out early Black Friday Samsung TV deals.

Early Black Friday Samsung TV deals available now

As mentioned above, Best Buy has already started offering some early Black Friday Samsung TV deals - with some offering a price guarantee that will protect you against further discounts over the next few weeks. Walmart has also started offering early offers in the past couple of weeks, and Amazon is hitting some Black Friday level pricing right now as well. That means there's plenty of discounts up for grabs for early birds. 


Samsung 65-inch 8000-Series 4K TV | $799.99 $699.99 at Best Buy
Save $100 - This is a record low price on the larger 65-inch Samsung 8000-Series 4K TV. Not only is the $100 discount available at Best Buy the biggest that we've seen yet, but you're also getting the Black Friday price guarantee here.


Samsung The Frame 43-inch 4K TV | $999.99 $799.99 at Best Buy
Save $200 - The Samsung Frame series is certainly a premium range - with a gorgeous art mode that blends right into your living space when not in use, QLED panel, and virtual assistant compatibility. You're saving $200 on this 43-inch model, with Best Buy currently offering a record low price. Plus, you're still getting the Black Friday price guarantee here as well.


Samsung 55-inch Q70A QLED TV | $999.99 $849.99 at Best Buy
Save $150 - Best Buy's early Black Friday Samsung TV deals are offering a record low price on this premium QLED display. That means you're already getting an excellent offer here, but you're protected by that Black Friday price guarantee as well.

Black Friday Samsung TV deals: what to expect

Samsung Q900TS 8K QLED TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

In terms of specifics, there are probably too many individual models to try and keep track of, but a few general ranges stand out to give us an idea of what we can expect. And remember, such is their quality, we'd even slot Black Friday Samsung TV deals in as some of the best Black Friday PS5 deals, and Black Friday Xbox Series X deals, in a way, such is their excellence as champion console companions.

Anyway, to the particulars: first, to those new NeoQLED TVs. The Flagship 4K model, the QN90A (or QN95A in the UK), has already settled below its starting retail price ($1,800) and now sits at around the $1,550 mark. It's been on the $1,500 mark before but only twice - we'd expect this point to be at least matched, but hopefully beaten, this winter.

Stepping it up a notch, the flagship 8K NeoQLED model, the QN900A(65-inch) has also seen a steady downward trend in price: beginning life at $5,000 it is now only recently at a new lowest-ever price of $3,500. As a result, given that we are so close to Black Friday Samsung TV deals kicking in properly, it might be a bit of a push too far for these models to go lower. But anything can happen when retailers slash prices...

The 2020 range of high-spec QLED TVs like the Q70T or Q80T might be ripe for lowest ever prices too. Given they'll be nearly two TV cycles old come November, and the end of the calendar year 2021, they surely won't be able to hold their price for too much longer. Remember these are HDMI 2.1 capable too! The Samsung Q80T is high-up on our 120Hz TV guide given the quality and sheer value that it now offers. This is a TV (at 55-inch size) that has never been below the four-figure mark, but given the timing and the severity of cuts we're likely to see, we think this could reach new, three-figure territory. Watch out for this one.

As for mid-to-entry level TVs, something like last year's Crystal 4K TVs could be great contenders for awesome deals that will sit just outside of Samsung's premium level screens. In our Samsung TU7000 review, we noted that the balance of quality and value these models offer is already at an excellent level, even at normal prices. Given its previous low of 50 or so bucks over $500, we wouldn't be surprised to see something of this range, in a 65-inch size no less, go below $500 and offer unbelievable, wall-filling value.

But these are just a few models in a sea of quality options. Generally, last year's models could see the biggest value points, but if you're keen to stay on top of the technological advancements and curves, then we'd bank on 2021 models and those NeoQLED panels seeing some big ol' discounts too.

Samsung TU7000

(Image credit: Samsung)

Today's best deals

However, if you're looking for the latest prices and deals right now on Samsung TVs, then we've got you covered. Below, our price-finding tech will present you with the best prices in your area, for a few choice models. If only for reference and further research, this information is key - but you might just find a tempting offer as it stands right now. 

For broader looks at the gaming display deals that will be on offer this year check out what to expect from the deals on Black Friday gaming monitors, the Black Friday curved monitor deals, and the Black Friday 4K monitor deals.

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