The best Black Friday Pokemon merch deals, from new Pikachu and Eevee plushies to a stunning Gyarados bag

With Black Friday upon us and the superb Pokemon Let's Go games still the talk of the town, now's an excellent time to stock up on Poke-merch, whether you're expanding your personal collection or buying gifts ahead of the holiday season. On top of the excellent Pokemon discounts in this year's Black Friday game deals, there's a lot of lovely merchandise on sale. 

As previously reported, ThinkGeek is offering a strong lineup of merch ranging from The Lord of the Rings replicas to Star Wars plushies to Uncharted 4 vinyl - but we're here to talk about the retailer's sweet suite of Pokemon goodies. And would you believe it: there's a lot of Pikachu stuff to be had.  

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank for $30 (was $50)
An interactive coin bank featuring a feisty little Pikachu who paws at the coins you deposit.  View Deal

Pokemon Pikachu leather mini backpack for $48 (was $80)
Keep Pokemon Let's Go and your Switch with you at all times with this mini backpack.View Deal

Pokemon Pika Palette T-shirt for $10 (was $15)
You can never have enough Pikachus, but four is a pretty good start and makes for a nice T-shirt pattern.  View Deal

ThinkGeek is also selling several other handsome Pokemon backpacks at 40% off, and I never really knew how much I wanted one until now. This Poke Ball black mini backpack is on sale for $36 (was $60), and to top it off, no Tauros were harmed in the making of it. There's also a beautiful Pokemon golden lotus flowers backpack for $27 (was $40), and a Gyarados/Magikarp waves backpack for $27 (was $40). I've always scoffed at low-tier water Pokemon like Magikarp and Goldeen, but I'll be damned if they don't look great in these watercolor-esque patterns. 

If you're looking to wear something that isn't a backpack, have a gander at ThinkGeek's selection of Pokemon clothes. There's a nice Pokemon gym leader T-shirt for $10 (was $15), and a whimsical Jigglypuff reversible hooded scarf for $10 (was $25). For the cool weather ahead, you've got some surprisingly sharp sweaters, like this red Pokemon winter sweater for $21 (was $35) and this green Pokemon holiday sweater for $21 (was $35). Holiday sweaters are a famously ugly bunch, but these bright, classy designs are just festive enough to put you in the spirit without attacking the eyes of everyone around you. 

ThinkGeek isn't the only retailer with good Black Friday Pokemon merchandise, mind you. Amazon has an adorable selection of plushies on offer, including nicely sized Pikachus and Eevees. Petting them may not be as satisfying as playing with your partner Pokemon in Pokemon Let's Go, but these are still pretty darn cute. 

8" Pokemon Pikachu plush for $12 (was $15)
This is a new plush which was designed with Pokemon Let's Go in mind. Now you can play with your in-game Pikachu with another Pikachu chilling on the couch beside you.  View Deal

8" Pokemon Eevee plush for $13 (was $15)
Another new plush sure to please any Pokemon fan, no matter what version of Pokemon Let's Go they're playing.   View Deal

10" Pokemon Snorlax plush for $16 (was $30)
I'm pretty sure Snorlax was made to spawn merchandise, and I'm just fine with that, because he is the cuddliest.   View Deal

9.5" Pokemon Sylveon plush for $25 (was $40)
Sylveon is one of Eevee's newest evolutions, and its bright colors and frilly design make for a lovely plush. View Deal

9" Pokemon Alolan Vulpix holiday plush for $40 (was $48)
Vulpix has one of the best-looking Alolan forms already, but in a santa suit? This is advanced cuteness.   View Deal

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