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Black Friday laptop deals 2021: the online retailers to get a head start on

Asus ROG m15
(Image credit: Asus)

Black Friday laptop deals offer an opportunity for many consumers, whether looking for the best gaming laptops or an ultrabook powerhouse, to make some major savings on a machine that's likely to see them through the next 3-5 years of their everyday lives. 

It can be a little intimidating to know where to start as far as these machines are concerned, fortunately, we've made it all as straightforward as possible to arm you with all the knowledge necessary to get the best Black Friday laptop deals on the day. 

Black Friday isn't quite with us just yet, however, so if you're keen to see what options are about in the gaming sphere, we've rounded up our picks for some fantastic cheap gaming laptop deals, with options starting from just $629.99, and plenty for under $1,000! 

When will the Black Friday laptop deals start?

Black Friday will be held on November 26 this year. It's worth reiterating, especially with stores opening up more now as pandemic restrictions are easing worldwide, that it's bound to be an incredibly busy sales event; both online and in person. 

From our experience, we recommend doing the bulk of your deal searching online, given that high commodity items like laptops are on your radar, as getting pushed and pulled every which way in pursuit of knocking a few dollars a PC at a brick and mortar store doesn't sound like too much fun to us. 

Amazon is usually the frontrunner when it comes to Black Friday deals of all kinds, very much including laptops, and we've seen some truly exceptional discounts around this time in recent years; with little sign of changing for 2021. 

Where will the best Black Friday laptop deals be?

Given the fact that laptops are some of the most in-demand Black Friday items, it's no surprise that all of the major retailers break out the big guns when it comes to the savings made around this sales event period. If you check through some of the bigger online storefronts right now, you will find steady competition on all major brands for gaming laptops, ultrabooks and Chromebooks. 


Amazon: Deals and consistently low prices on all major brands
Dell: Huge savings on Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware laptops
Best Buy: Consistently low prices and offers on laptops in all styles
Walmart: Cheap prices on entry-level laptops and Ultrabooks
Newegg: Deep discounts available on Lenovo and Gigabyte gaming laptops


Amazon: Lots of deals on some of the most in-demand laptops
Currys: Competitive prices and small discounts on bigger brands
Argos: Low prices on entry-level machines and Chromebooks
Dell: Minor savings on Inspiron and XPS machines
AO: Small discounts available on HP, Lenovo, and Asus computers
Box: Steady savings on gaming laptops, ultrabooks and Chromebooks

Black Friday laptop deals: What to expect

As you may have deduced, Black Friday laptop deals are among the most in-demand tech items when the fabled day comes around. It's also one of the most searched for categories online. One benefit of shopping online is that you get an encompassing view of all your options right in front of you, instead of haphazardly window shopping in person. 

Fortunately, many retailers including the likes of Amazon and Best Buy (among others) always tend to have bountiful discounts on all manner of laptops of all shapes, sizes and power potential. 

In the past, we've seen mega savings on the best Alienware laptops and Razer laptops as well as other best gaming laptops on the market. What's more, it isn't just gamers that will have their needs met; ultrabooks (such as MacBooks and Samsung Galaxy Book Pros) also see their prices slashed on this event, too. If you've been holding off on upgrading your old workhorse, now's the best time to consider a replacement.

HP Spectre x360

(Image credit: HP)

Today's deals

Our price comparison engine is working 24/7 to bring you the latest deals on some of our favorite laptops this side of Black Friday, whether you're part of the Apple faithful, or prefer a sleek Dell XPS ultrabook, or perhaps even a Chromebook or gaming powerhouse, these are the best prices around. 

Having a capable laptop on your desk is only one half of the story. After all, you're going to need peripherals to step-up your setup in style. Why go for anything less than one of the best gaming keyboards and best PC headsets for gaming this year? 

Better still, take the action to the big screen with the best gaming monitors and keep that cursor pointing where you want it to go with the best gaming mouse available. 

On the subject of the upcoming sales season, you might also like to take a quick look at our Black Friday gaming chairs and Black Friday PS5 guides.

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