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New Birds of Prey footage debuts at CCXP in Brazil – here's what happens in it

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Those lucky enough to attend the Birds of Prey CCXP panel in Brazil were treated to an exclusive look at the opening minutes of the upcoming DC movie. Not only that, but they were also shown an exclusive trailer for Harley Quinn's next adventure – one that hasn't yet been released online.

Luckily, though, a description of what went down at the CCXP panel has found its way online. "In the opening scene, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) explains her current relationship status — she recently kicked The Joker to the curb — while she goes on to burn a lot of bridges in service of reinventing herself in Gotham City," reports The Wrap.

Quinn then explains that, thanks to the breakup, she's got “an amazing new place that was all mine,” where she has “the space to reflect on the mistakes of my past.” The villain adds that she was able to become “a new me” and was soon back on her feet, "ready to make new friends.”

We then see Quinn with her pet hyenas, followed by an explosive scene in which she blows up Ace Chemicals, the factory where she got the chemicals to bleach her and Joker's skin. “It was the closure I needed,” she says, walking away from the explosion, the smoke of which is tinged Joker-green.

So, there you have it – Birds of Prey will open with a quick history lesson on how Harley Quinn and Joker broke up. We then, presumably, will be introduced to all the new characters, who have all got new posters. Thankfully, unlike the mysterious trailer, these are already online to check out.

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Birds of Prey reaches cinemas 7 February 2020. Before then, why not check out our list of all the movie release dates coming later this year and next.

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