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Apex Legends Genesis Collection event is bringing back OG Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Genesis Collection event will drop Legends back into the original versions of both Kings Canyon and World's Edge. Yes, that means Skull Town is finally returning. 

Apex Legends Genesis Collection kicks off on June 29 and runs until July 13, offering players a chance to unlock 24 new limited-time cosmetics - but most people are here for Skull Town. The fan-favorite point of interest was destroyed in Apex Legends Season 5, making room for a new area called Salvage. Just yesterday the official Apex Legends Twitter account teased Skull Town as an Arenas map, but Genesis Collection will deliver something twice as nice: both as a part of the original Kings Canyon map which will enter the map rotation, and as an Arenas map.

Skull Town is an x-shaped POI surrounded by a circle of rocky cliffs with the giant skeleton of a Leviathan lying amongst it. There are several multi-story buildings in Skull Town full of loot, and sniper perches along the spine of the dead Leviathan. In short, it slapped, and players have been asking for its return for months. The original version of World's Edge from Apex Legends Season 3 will also return. The maps will rotate into the Trios and Duos queues, swapping every hour. 

The event also kicks off a rewards track full of brand-new cosmetics, including legendary weapon skins, a cool Wattson outfit, and some badass charms. You can also earn 1,600 points per day through challenges that will also stack with your battle pass. And the Genesis Collection Event is giving Revenant his own Heirloom in the form of a terrifying scythe - how appropriate for the murder robot. 

It'll be really interesting to see how Legends like Valkyrie and Revenant play on the original Kings Canyon map, considering they're both highly mobile characters who might make great use of the verticality of the Leviathan at Skull Town or the buildings in World's Edge's Capitol City. When you drop into the old versions of these maps, keep your head on a swivel. For more about what's coming with the Apex Legends Genesis Event, head to the EA blog.

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