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Amazon Prime Day tablets sale - save on Amazon Fire HD 8 and more

Amazon Prime Day tablets sale - save on Amazon Fire HD 8 and more
(Image credit: Amazon)
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(Image credit: Amazon)

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The Amazon Prime Day deals are finally upon us (it runs October 13 - 14), so we can expect big discounts on Amazon Fire tablets. In fact, you can practically guarantee it. Of all the items on offer during the sales event, Amazon's own electronics always get reductions.

To get you ahead of the curve, we've got quick links to all of the Amazon Fire tablet models currently on offer (the US deals are sure to follow soon, so we'll keep you posted). We'll also keep this page updated throughout Amazon Prime Day with any new offers that appear. Basically, keep this bookmarked and pop back every now and then during the October sale.

Because Amazon Fire tablets are already pretty affordable, being able to save yet more bring them dangerously close to becoming an impulse buy. They're good-quality products, too - they definitely give the best Kindle e-readers a run for their money, and the higher-end models are amongst the best gaming tablets on the market.

Of all the versions currently available, we'd recommend going for a Fire HD 8 if at all possible. It's a 2020 model with improved battery life and superior performance, and it'll show show everything from movies to games at their best. Some of the cheaper tablets might be tempting, but be advised that a few of them lack HD. In other words, they won't look as good.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020) | $89.99 on Amazon US / £90 £44.99 on Amazon UK
This version of the Fire tablet range hits the sweet spot; it's got great performance for a reasonable price. As a modern 2020 model, it offers superior battery life and USB-C charging. It's also 30% faster and offers an 8-inch display. That makes it perfect for movies and TV to reading, not to mention a bit of light gaming.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus | $109.99 on Amazon US / £110 £64.99 on Amazon UK
This is a slightly upgraded version of the Fire HD 8 seen above; although it's the same size and has the same innards, it offers wireless charging and charges a little faster too. That means you still get the great performance and speed, but with the convenience of wireless charging as well via the official charging dock (sold separately) or another Qi-certified charger.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition | $140 $79.99 on Amazon US / £140 £84.99 on Amazon UK
If you're getting your child a tablet, you want to make sure it's well protected and child-safe - that's where the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition comes in. It has the same powerful tech under the hood but also provides a much sturdier case that'll protect it from all kinds of knocks and bumps.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 | $150 $79.99 on Amazon US / £150 £89.99 on Amazon UK
The Fire HD 10 is similar to the 8 listed above, but boasts a larger screen (10 inches, as the name would suggest) and is a fair bit more powerful. It's 30% faster thanks to an octa-core processor, and offers up to 12 hours of battery power. Remember though, this deal is for an ads-supported tablet in the US. To go ad-free, it's $164.99.View Deal

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition | $199.99 on Amazon US / £199.99 on Amazon UK
As with older Amazon tablets, this HD 10 Kids Edition is the same as the Amazon Fire HD 10... but with parental settings and a chunkier case for children. This will make sure it can survive any knocks and scrapes it'll almost certainly take in use.View Deal

Amazon Fire 7

Amazon Fire 7 | $49.99 on Amazon US / £50 £29.99 on Amazon UK
The definition of 'cheap and cheerful', we'd be very surprised if the Fire 7 didn't see a price cut this Amazon Prime Day. Although it's a bit smaller and less powerful than the others with a seven-inch non-HD screen, this is still a fair tablet to invest in - especially at that price. To get the US no ads version, it'll set you back $64.99 instead.View Deal

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition (2019) | $99.99 on Amazon US / £99.99 on Amazon UK
The old Amazon Fire Tablet - the 7 model - is definitely worth investigating for those on a budget, especially the Kids Edition for younger members of you family. With a hard exterior case to protect it from bumps, this is a piece of kit that should last.View Deal

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For more, be sure to head over to our guide to the best Prime Day deals. In the meantime, remember that more sales are on the way via the Black Friday deals.

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