Ubisoft promises more details later this year following Rainbow Six: Quarantine gameplay leak

Rainbow Six
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six: Quarantine recently suffered a one-hour gameplay leak, and Ubisoft has now confirmed that the leaked footage was legitimate, adding that it will properly update players on the game later this year. 

The publisher explained the situation in a statement to Eurogamer. "We can confirm this is a glimpse of our upcoming Rainbow Six game," Ubisoft said. "Recently, we ran an internal test for the game and unfortunately some of the details became public. This clip is [of] work in progress gameplay footage. We'll share more details about the game later this year."

The leak surfaced over the weekend via Facebook and YouTube, but it's since been scrubbed from both platforms. Curiously, the leaker didn't try to hide their identity in the footage even though sharing it would obviously break whatever NDA they would've had to sign to participate in the gameplay test, so I reckon Ubisoft has sent them one heck of a nastygram. 

It's worth noting that Ubisoft specifies "our upcoming Rainbow Six game" in its statement. Rainbow Six: Quarantine was originally announced in June 2019, shortly before the start of the coronavirus pandemic which has since caused more than a year of actual quarantines around the world. With this in mind, Ubisoft has made the understandable decision to rename the game, with Rainbow Six: Parasite standing in as the current placeholder. We still don't know the final name, but we can trust that'll be among the gameplay details Ubisoft shares later this year. 

Elsewhere in the Rainbow Six universe, Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong with a Year 6 roadmap serving up expansions and quality of life updates.

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