Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 roadmap detailed with gameplay and quality of life improvements

Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft has unveiled the Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 roadmap today, outlining all content coming to the game over the next four seasonal events.

In a press release, Ubisoft pulled back the curtain on everything currently in the works for the future of Rainbow Six Siege. Chiefly, Year 6 kicks off with the Crimson Heist seasonal event, introducing new attacker Flores from Argentina, and a rework of the existing Border map.

There's not quite as much information to go on for the three subsequent seasons included in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6, but we still know a fair amount. Season two will introduce an unannounced character from the Nakoda Nations, along with a rework of the Favela map, while season three adds one character from Croatia and reworks three existing maps. Finally, season four rounds out Year 6 with an operator from Ireland, and will rework the Outback map.

Ubisoft also has a slate of minor gameplay adjustments planned for Rainbow Six Siege Year 6. A new secondary weapon, the Gonne-6, will be added, as will the ability for players to control their cameras and gadgets even after their death. In the preparation phase before a match kicks off, you'll be able to change character as many times as you please, and finally, all armor will be switched to health, giving players a better grasp of their durability.

There's also a series of collaboration skins planned for various characters in Rainbow Six Siege. Firstly, two Resident Evil skins will be made available, the first for Zofia based on Jill Valentine, and the second to be revealed at a later date. Secondly, former Tokyo: Ghostwire and Tango Gameworks creative director Ikumi Nakamura will be collaborating with Ubisoft on a series of skins, the first of which are launching for characters Echo and Dokkaebi next month on March 2.

That's a fair amount of content planned for the coming year of Rainbow Six Siege. That's not all though, because Ubisoft is taking steps to boost player experience in-game. For example, the reputation tool will be adjusted so that all players will now be able to see the steps they need to take to improve their reputation, based on feedback from other players.

If you're a streamer playing Rainbow Six Siege, then Ubisoft has even more good news, because there's a dedicated streamer mode coming to the game. With this, streamers will be able to remain anonymous while playing through hiding their name, region, clearance level, profile image, and more. Ubisoft is also pledging to better handle DDoS attacks on their game, which are already down 90% year-on-year.

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