Two PlayStation State of Play showcases rumored to be airing before June

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
(Image credit: SIE/Marvel)

A "low-key" PlayStation State of Play broadcast is rumored to air relatively soon, with a larger showcase apparently planned before E3 2023.

That's according to rumor-lover Jeff Grubb, speaking on the latest episode of his Games Mess podcast (opens in new tab). According to Grubb, we should see a smaller PlayStation State of Play showcase relatively soon, perhaps even within the next month or so, or potentially sooner.

Additionally, Grubb also claims there'll be a larger State of Play broadcast at some point before E3 2023, which will be here in June. Considering we're merely in February, that's a pretty wide net to cast when predicting a new State of Play showcase from Sony.

Nonetheless, it's a fairly strong indication that a State of Play showcase is coming at some point within the first six months of the year. As for what PlayStation could potentially show off during these two broadcasts, there isn't any indication from Grubb as to what we should expect.

It's quite possible, from Grubb's comments, that the first State of Play showcase could focus on third-party games like Tchia, which has featured before in various Sony showcases. As for the second, larger broadcast, we can likely expect to see first-party games here, like Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which is still planned to launch later this year in Fall.

In terms of other big PlayStation exclusives, we've got Final Fantasy 16 arriving right around E3 season on June 6, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth still set to launch towards the end of this year in Winter. Could either of these blockbusters show up at a bigger State of Play presentation? 

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