Transformers theme park ride?

Before you go getting all excited at the thought of meeting Bumblebee or Optimus Prime, we must make absolutely clear that this is still within the realms of speculation or, at the very most, only at the planning stage.

But now the geeky excitement can build: has learned that plans are afoot between Paramount and toymakers Hasbro to develop a Transformers theme park attraction.

Very little is (obviously) known right now, but apparently the rough draft ideas call for a “dark ride” – i.e. not a rollercoaster or simulator exactly, but some sort of interactive attraction which would fling riders into the middle of a clash between the Autobots and Decepticons.

The really intriguing little titbit is the makers are apparently being told to work on something to be launched between Transformers 2 and 3, and that they will be limited in their choice of characters since some may not survive the second film. Yes, Michael Bay really is that tough on set. has more and we’ll keep on tracking this one. Of course, it’ll probably mean going to America to experience it, but we can dream about Chessington World Of Giant Bloody Robots, can’t we?

Source: ( IESB )

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