Transformers theme park ride official

The Universal Theme Park in Hollywood has officially confirmed that work is under way for a Transformers attraction in 2011.

After speculation on the Internet way back at the start of the year, the park has now made the news official, according to Variety .

The ride will incorporate 3D-HD footage with robotics, a winding track and special effects to place riders into the middle of a pitched battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.


In addition to the California park, a similar ride will open in Singapore at the company’s new resort, which opens there in 2010.

While we were sad to see the Back To The Future ride replaced by The Simpsons Ride (even though it’s a lot of fun), Transformers will take over where the Backdraft experience now sits. We can stand to lose that one.

Question is will they get Michael Bay to provide an introduction video? We’re planning a bingo card for how many times he calls it “awesome”.

Check out two concept art pics from the ride in our gallery.

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