Transformers teaser site launched!

There are very few films that capture the imagination this year as much as Transformers: The Movie and that’s why the web is buzzing with talk of the imminent arrival of the teaser trailer.

Sensing the hype and wisely stoking the fires of curiosity, DreamWorks have launched a teaser site that counts down the days, minutes and seconds until the trailer is online.

The site also displays the first glimpse of the initial poster for the project, which is being directed by Pearl Harbour helmer Michael Bay.

Transformers: The Movie is based on the ‘80s toy and cartoon phenomenon, that told of the battle between robots in disguise, the Autobots against the evil Decepticons. To be honest, TF isn’t quite sure what to expect from Bay this time out - particularly his interesting casting choices including Hollywood firebrand Jon Voight, gagslinger Bernie Mac and Las Vegas star Josh Duhamel.

You can judge for yourselves when the flick arrives on these shores on 2 November and you can watch time slip away at the official site by clicking here .

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