It's-a-me, a bargain: Lego Piranha Plant hits record low price

Lego Piranha Plant box on a wooden table with a 'big savings' badge in the top right-hand corner
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One of my favorite Lego sets of the year, the Lego Piranha Plant, has tumbled to a record-low price ahead of the weekend.

US readers can currently pick up the villainous pot plant for $53.99 at Amazon instead of $60. Meanwhile, UK fans can grab the Lego set for £43.49 via Amazon rather than £57.99. Either way, that's the Lego Piranha Plant's lowest price. I've never seen the kit get such a big discount Stateside, and it's only received that discount once across the pond.

It's unclear how long this offer will last, but it suddenly feels like we don't have to wait until this month's Prime Day Lego deals to snag a bargain.

Lego Piranha Plant |$59.99$53.99 at Amazon
Save $7 - UK price: £57.99 £43.49 via Amazon

Buy it if:
Don't buy it if:

Lego Piranha Plant | $59.99 $53.99 at Amazon
Save $7 - It may not seem like a massive saving at face value, but we've literally not seen this kit any cheaper at any point… and it's not come anywhere close, either.

UK price: £57.99 £43.49 via Amazon

Buy it if:
✅ You're a Super Mario fan
✅ You want something for your desk or a gift

Don't buy it if:
❌ You'd rather save your money for a more impressive kit

Should you buy the Lego Piranha Plant?

Lego Piranha Plant on a shelf has its leaves adjusted

(Image credit: Lego)

This kit looks great in pictures, but it's even better in person. The Lego Piranha Plant is full of character despite only being 540 pieces strong. 

While some may have preferred a larger, more articulated version, its modest size makes it a fairly stress-free build. Even if you're not a diehard Lego builder and don't have the best Lego sets on your shelf at home, you'll get on well with this one. Indeed, members of the GamesRadar+ team have bought the kit for themselves… and a Lego Piranha Plant actually sits on the desk next to me in the office. Seeing it and its goofy grin always cheers me up.

Actually, I think that the only Super Mario set able to match it is the (much larger) Mighty Bowser.

Will it drop further in price? Possibly, but I can't see that happening until a major sale. And even then, my answer depends on where you are in the world. It could dip even more in the UK because the Lego Piranha Plant has enjoyed a few discounts there before, but in the US it's only just reached that level. As such, I'd be surprised if it dropped much more when Amazon's Lego deals get started later this month.

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