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Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles location guide

Mission - The Beacon

Pilot helmet #27

Following the wall-running sections where you dodge the exposed circuits, you’ll climb a yellow pipe and emerge into a room with a gun rack by a door. Go through the door into an open chamber with two turbines within. On the left-hand turbine you’ll find the first of the helmets from this chapter.

Pilot helmet #28

Once you’ve collected the Arc Tool from Marvin (poor Marvin), head back to the wind tunnel escape chamber, strike the green button on the floor with your Arc Tool and you’ll be shot up into the air. The helmet you’re looking for is located in a small alcove across from where you need to progress next in the level. Use your double-jump to reach it.

Pilot helmet #29

After the beacon fails to fire up, you’re forced to head directly for the beacon itself with BT to investigate. As you climb the long, bridge-like pipes you’ll come to a large cylindrical building with a mass grave in front of it. Climb the building and you’ll find a pilot helmet floating at the back near the edge.

Pilot helmet #30

Thankfully, the next helmet is really close to the last one. From where you collected pilot helmet 29, turn 90 degrees and you’ll see the faint blue glow of a helmet on the edge of a nearby building.

To get to it, double-jump onto the cylindrical tower connected to the building you’re on and use that height and momentum to double-jump over to the other cylindrical tower. From there, jump over and the next collectible piece of headwear is yours.

Pilot helmet #31

To reach the next helmet you’ll need to unlock the door beneath where you collected helmet 29 and enable BT to walk through to the walkway on the other side. He’ll then throw you over the gap to the building across the way. Once you’re in, turn right and use your Arc Tool to unlock the door. Your next collectible is waiting just inside.

Pilot helmet #32

After using the crane to move the wall, wall-run to the building that says ‘Elevator 3’ on its side, run up the staircase and use the Arc Tool on the door switch. Now run out of the building towards the next one and you’ll see a stack of two boxes beside an open doorway. Climb these boxes then hop onto the roof - your next collectible will be right in front of you.

Pilot helmet #33

Once you reach the second crane control section, move the wall next to the building directly in front of you and you’ll see the pilot helmet you’re after on the very top of the far building (see screenshot above).

Wall-run across, climb the stairs to the right, turn 180-degrees and wall-run along the front of the building, then jump away and boost up onto the roof. When you get there, said pilot helmet will be yours for the taking.

Pilot helmet #34

As you enter the building marked ‘Interstellar Communications Beacon 04’, turn right past the gun rack and engage the large number of enemies that attack. When they’ve been eliminated, look up and you’ll see a balcony above a locked door. Jump up on the short scaffolding frame to the left of the door and double-jump to reach the balcony and the helmet above.

Pilot helmet #35

To reach the next helmet, enter the area with the large dish (the one containing the module you need). Look to the left and you’ll see a large building saying ‘Beacon 04’ on it. Climb the stairs to the left, boost over the gap through the open window the jump up to the orange wall just outside to your right. Climb up and the pilot helmet will be near the edge on the other side.

Pilot helmet #36

After BT throws you for the second time, turn left and walk around the other circular platform. On the other side you’ll see a small gap you need to jump, a set of stairs leading up to the left and your next pilot helmet collectible sat on the platform at the top. Grab it to add another trinket to your cabinet.

Pilot helmet #37

As you climb to the top of the dish, you’ll hear Blisk have a conversation with Slone before realising you’re listening in. By this point you should see a big orange sign with the image of a dish and the number ‘03’. Turn right at this sign and you’ll see the final helmet of this chapter on one of the dish spokes to your right.

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