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Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles location guide

Mission - Effect and Cause

Pilot helmet #19

Once you reach the open-area with the ruined rings in the distance, look down and to your right. You’ll see the faint glow of a pilot helmet on the wall of a building. To reach it, jump down to the ledge below. Then jump towards the single shard of wall on its own in front of the helmet (you’ll need to do a delayed second jump to reach it). When you land, jump across and wall-run to grab your next lid.

Pilot helmet #20

The second helmet of Effect and Cause’s first chapter can be found right after you’ve collected number 19. From that point, move forwards into the square and you’ll see the next pilot helmet atop a set of street lamps. To reach it, jump onto the doorway in front of the Reactor Facility, turn around and leap over to add number 20 to your collection.

Pilot helmet #21

In order to find the first helmet of the second chapter, you’ll need to start in the lobby where three enemy troopers appear out of a lift in the old timeline. Take them out, but be careful - four Prowlers will appear in the same area in the new timeline if you switch back. Enter the lift, switch to the old timeline, then jump through the hole in the roof of the lift. The helmet is suspended in mid-air above you. To reach it, wall-run between each side until you’re high enough to grab it.

Pilot helmet #22

After viewing Anderson’s first holographic log, go through the door up the stairs to your right in the old timeline (this is when facing the front of the model in the middle of the room). Take out the soldiers that go through the door in the old timeline, then flit back to the new timeline and wall-run from wall to wall above the floor of fire to reach the helmet at the end of the room.

Pilot helmet #23

In the room with the automatic turrets inside the bunker (in the old timeline), move past them and you’ll see the next pilot helmet in a raised glass container. Switch to the new one and jump up into the ruined container. Flick back to the past and you can now grab that lid and increase your collection by one.

Pilot helmet #24

Shortly after collecting the previous helmet, you’ll find yourself in an area filled with lots of platforms and partially filled versions. Switch to the new timeline and you’ll see the pilot helmet on the second platform nearest you. Switch to the old one to jump onto the nearest platform, then jump off and hop back to the new timeline to land on a full platform and collect said helmet.

Pilot helmet #25

In the same chamber as the previous collectible, follow the path around the edge of the room, dealing with the soldiers in the old timeline and the Prowlers in the new. When they’re all dead, look for an electrified zip line in the past. You’ll see it leads to a long wall with a pilot helmet halfway along it. Switch to the new timeline, zipline down, switch back to the old timeline and wall-run along to grab it. If you’re collecting them in order, this will make the Collector trophy or achievement pop.

Pilot helmet #26

The next helmet, and the final collectible of Effect and Cause’s second chapter can be found right after the previous one. After wall-running to reach helmet 25 you should now be on a platform next to a window. Don’t flick back to the future yet as this platform is filled with fire in that timeline - instead, stand on top of the ramp at the end. Now switch to the new timeline and you’ll see the helmet floating beside the window. Simply double-jump and wall-run to collect it.

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