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Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles location guide

Mission - Trial by Fire

Pilot helmet #38

After making the assault on the Ark site, head into the tunnel with Briggs. Now disembark from BT, jump onto the crates to your left and leap over to the platform in front of you. Turn the corner to your left and you’ll find the first helmet of this chapter next to a generator.

Pilot helmet #39

Once your reach the area with the trucks inside of it (the one with the lift at the end) keep walking until you’re almost at the lift. Turn left and you’ll see a small square opening - it’s lit by an amber light.

Disembark from BT, climb in and follow the pipes around to the left then the right. Climb through the hole above and you’ll find helmet number 39 at the end of the room. Grab it to add another virtual hat to your collection.

Pilot helmet #40

The final helmet from Trial by Fire comes just after your acquire the Northstar Titan loadout. Keep moving forwards from that point until you reach a left-turn (Briggs will start engaging enemy Titans at this point). Instead, turn right and jump out of BT - go down some stairs and you’ll see pilot helmet number 40 on a red pipe.

Mission - The Ark

Pilot helmet #41

As soon as you board the Malta, take out the enemies in the first room, including those near the gun racks and lift at the back. When the room has been cleared out, head towards the open balcony just before the gun racks. You’ll see a pilot helmet in an alcove on the hull of the ship. Double-jump to reach it, then wall-run and jump to get back.

Pilot helmet #42

The next pilot helmet is really easy to miss and you only have a small window to time your jump right. Once the three gun crews have been taken down and you’ve been joined by the 6-4, Briggs will briefly appear in your dropship.

Use the wall beside you to launch off towards her ship - remember to not go in too high. The helmet you need is in the far corner of the bay she’s stood in. Don’t worry if the door closes behind you as you collect it, the game will reopen it to let you out.

Pilot helmet #43

The final helmet found in this chapter is located in the huge gunship hanger you assault with the 6-4 - it’s the one you land in after wall-running off Briggs’ ship. Clear out the considerable number of enemies, then proceed to the very end of the hangar while the 6-4 ascend the zigzag staircases. At the very end, turn left and you’ll find this collectible waiting for you on a gantry.

Mission - The Fold Weapon

Pilot helmet #44

The first collectible of The Fold Weapon mission comes just before you restore BT’s data core in the new Titan. In the area with the snipers behind the grills you’ll see black pipes that rise up like arches on either side. Use the containers on the platform to climb the large structure on the left-hand side with the glowing blue generators inside them. Now climb the black pipe - you’ll need to double jump and wall-run to get to the top. When you reach the summit, your next helmet will be waiting for you.

Pilot helmet #45

As you enter the Fold Weapon facility, you’ll see a large room with a generator to the left-hand side and the faint glow of a pilot helmet on top of some pipes just to the right of it. To reach it, disembark from BT, climb the containers in the far left-hand corner, double-jump against the adjacent wall and wall-run along the red ledge to climb it. The pilot helmet itself will be at the end of the exposed pipe.

Pilot helmet #46

The final helmet of the game can be found near the Fold Weapon itself. To reach it, head to the right-hand side of the weapon until you see a red wall with ‘R5’ written on it. Wall-run the wall beside it, climb over, mantle the two generators, turn right and look up. You’ll see the last collectible above you a large pipe.

Congratulations - you've found all of the pilot helmets and the Every Nook and Cranny trophy or achievement is now yours.

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