Titanfall 2 Pilot Helmet collectibles location guide

Mission - Into the Abyss

Pilot helmet #10

The first helmet to be found in chapter one of Into the Abyss is located in the room with the raised platform in the middle (the one that looks like a bonsai tree). Head over to the far-right of the flooded room and you’ll find a small, dark alcove. Jump out of BT and grab that helmet - if you’re following this guide, the Off the Beaten Path trophy or achievement should unlock now.

Pilot helmet #11

The next collectible is relatively easy to spot and can be found right after the previous one. After collecting helmet number 10, turn around and head underneath the bonsai platform and through a Tetris-esque hole in the wall. Jump across to the rocky ledge on the other side, turn right, leap again and you’ll find the next helmet amid the bushes.

Pilot helmet #12

The next pilot helmet is a tricky one. After entering the plant that crushes trees and engaging the first set of enemies you’ll head down a narrow corridor with a big wide drop to your left. You’ll then need to turn right where a large group of foes will attack. Jump out of BT and take them all out (BT will mop up any stragglers).

Now look up and you’ll see a pipe running above the rock wall towards the big drop below. To reach those pipes, you’ll need to jump onto one of the protruding ledges on the rock wall, then jump onto one of the flat concrete walls, hit a short wall-run and double-jump up to the pipes. Then make your way onto a small pipe that runs around the corner - here you’ll find helmet number 12.

Pilot helmet #13

As soon as you reach the open chamber with the aircraft directly in front of you when you enter, jump out of BT and head to the edge of the platform. Look down and you’ll see some rocky ledges to your left - drop down to them and look up along the way in the direction you just came. You’ll see the helmet above you, then jump up to grab it.

Pilot helmet #14

After the first firefight of the second chapter, wall-run to the far pipe and follow it around to the right until it stops at two yellow walls. Wall-run the first, jump and wall-run the second then jump halfway along the second wall to your right. You’ll land on a rocky ledge and see another ledge with some trees on it ahead of you (pictured above). Jump across to reach your next helmet.

Pilot helmet #15

The next helmet is located most of the way through the fabricated housing assembly line. You’ll know you’ve reached the right section as you’ll have to ride a platform with a dummy on it to reach it. Clear out the enemies and ascend to the highest platform. Turn left at the very end and you’ll find a raised area full of enemies and crates. Deal with them, then look up and you’ll see a pilot helmet tucked away on a pipe.

Pilot helmet #16

At the end of the production line, where the finished housing units are fused to the wall, begin climbing to the top of the structure. Around halfway up you’ll see a waterfall on the far-side of the room. Wall-run along to reach a platform, then leap across to the next one. Behind the waterfall you’ll find the next pilot helmet.

Pilot helmet #17

At the very beginning of chapter three, you’ll activate the tower with all the pods in it. Jump between the first two pods, then leap across to the tower beside it. Climb one pod to your left, then double-jump and wall-run to reach the one on your right. Look left and you’ll see the next pilot helmet above you. Jump up and it’s yours for the taking.

Pilot helmet #18

After fighting your way over the top of the domed area (where you fight a handful of exploding spider bots and some snipers), you’ll see a large chasm with a conveyer belt of walls being moved across it. The next helmet is just across this gap, so wall-run along one of the moving walls to reach it. It’s on a ledge just outside where you meet up with BT again.

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