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Thursday Link-A-Mania

Fresh Avengers: Age Of Ultron pictures, first 12 Monkeys trailer and the new comic book Captain America revealed

• After giving us our first look at malevolent AI Ultron yesterday, Entertainment Weekly has released a new batch of stills from next year’s Avengers sequel and teased some story details. Ultron will start life as one of Tony Stark’s Iron Legion, who fight crime while he’s away, but turns on humanity after reaching the conclusion we’re the only thing standing in the way of world peace.

• In other Marvel news, and hot on the heels of Thor’s gender-bending makeover, comics chief Joe Quesada has revealed that Sam Wilson (aka The Falcon) will be taking over from the 90 year-old Steve Rogers as Captain America in All New Captain America #1.

Universal is assembling a classic monster cinematic universe, and has tapped Star Trek scribe Alex Kurtzman and Wanted writer Chris Morgan to head it up. A reboot of The Mummy is already in the works for 2016. The pair will “work closely with production, marketing, promotions and consumer product to support the revival. They will also reevaluate projects which have preexisting attachments, and bring it under one cohesive strategy.” This year’s Dracula Untold is not part of this shared universe, it seems, and any further films have yet to be announced.

• Meanwhile Kurtzman’s former partner in crime Roberto Orci has signed up as Executive producer on the Power Rangers reboot , which X-Men: First Class scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz will write. Sounds like Orci got the short end of the stick…

• Syfy has released the first trailer for the 12 Monkeys TV series. This brief glimpse makes it look like the movie after humour removal surgery, but given Sleepy Hollow and Fargo both made a successful leap to the small screen recently ( Dominion , er, less so) there’s no reason 12 Monkeys can’t do the same.

• There’s also a new trailer for Blumhouse horror film Ouija , about a board games night gone wrong. Or something.

• And finally here’s a snazzy new poster for Horns , Alexandre Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s novel. It's the story of Ig Parrish, a young man who suddenly sprouts horns after the murder of his girlfriend.

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