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This handy new icon will tell your friends if you're playing on PS4 or PS5

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has added a new icon to the PS4's Friend List that indicates what console your pals are currently playing on.

Though easy to overlook at first, you'll notice it alongside the name of the game they're playing. Here, take a peek (thanks, Push Square):

The icon can be seen alongside name of the game your pals are playing. (Image credit: Author's own)

Of course, right now everybody sports the same icon as we're all still patiently awaiting the arrival of our PS5 consoles, but after November 12 or 19 – depending upon where you are in the world – pals who were lucky enough to secure a PS5 will presumably sport a different icon to match that of the PS5's bold new design. 

It's also thought that PS Vita players get a special icon, too.

It shouldn't have a massive bearing on your experience either way – friends should be able to join voice chats and lobbies regardless of whether they're on Sony's current- or next-gen systems – but it's a handy visual reminder nonetheless.

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ICYMI, new images of an entirely black, and unannounced, PS5 DualSense controller have popped up online over the weekend, although most seem to think its from a dev kit rather than an unannounced full-black iteration of the upcoming controller. 

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