This dog is better than you at Elden Ring

Elden Ring
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Streamer MissMikkaa has been blowing us all away with her incredible gaming skills over the last few months, particularly when it comes to Elden Ring. It appears that her dog has been taking notes during her time playing the game and has learned a thing or two about staying alive in The Lands Between. 

"My dog is better at Elden Ring than you," MissMikkaa recently wrote in a tweet, and she posted the video evidence to prove it. As the footage shows, her character got into a bit of difficulty when they found themselves dangerously close to a dragon while she was away from the game. Thankfully her canine companion Yoshi was on hand to help. The dog stepped on the dance pad (which the streamer regularly uses in place of a controller) and at first steered the Tarnished in the direction of a nearby rock to protect them from the dragon's fiery breath before swiftly backpedalling until they were out of harm's way. 

According to MissMikkaa, Yoshi was actually "on a mission looking for treats" when he stepped in to help her out. Let's hope he got plenty, as thanks for lending a paw.

Earlier this month, MissMikkaa wowed us all when she beat two Malenias simultaneously, one using a controller and another with the aforementioned dance pad. Prior to this, she also managed to defeat that same notoriously difficult boss with one hand while keeping her character at rune level one. And Elden Ring isn't the only game she's insanely good at; back in November, she took down God of War's immensely tricky Valkyrie boss Sigrun with a dance pad and some fancy footwork.

Elden Ring itself also mightily impressed us last year, so much so that we crowned it GamesRadar's GOTY for 2022.

If you've already explored every inch of The Lands Between, here are some games like Elden Ring to try out next.

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