Oh my, this 98-inch Samsung 8K TV just got a $50,000 discount

Samsung Q900
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The idea of an 8K television is astounding. If we ignore the fact that basically no device other than an ultra high-end monster PC can display anything at that resolution yet, who actually needs to see things in such detail? Then again, that's what people were saying about 4K less than a decade ago...

If you're a multi-millionaire with a living room screaming out for the biggest and best TV on the market right now – or you just want to make Cyberpunk 2077 look as realistic and breathtaking as possible – feast your eyes on this behemoth. The Samsung Q900 is a 98-inch, 8K television, fit for those with too much wall space to fill.

Samsung Q900 | 98-inch | 8K | QLED | $99,997.99$49,997.99 at B&H Photo

Samsung Q900 | 98-inch | 8K | QLED | $99,997.99 $49,997.99 at B&H Photo
There's no reason for anyone on this planet to own a TV this big. Yet, here we all are, wishing we had the cash to buy it. If you are in the position where you can fork out $50,000 on a brand new TV that makes 4K look like the old CRT in your dad's shed, this is a cracking deal, because it's half price! You can use some of the cash you saved to get Netflix, which, um, doesn't support 8K yet.

This is quite literally the best Black Friday deal of the day, because surely nothing can compete with 50 grand of savings. But if you'd like to check out some more sensibly-priced options, then we've rounded up the latest Cyber Monday TV deals

If anyone does go for this deal, you're getting an utterly stunning QLED screen, at a resolution of 7680x4320. Doesn't quite roll off the tongue like 1920x1080. It also comes with four HDMI 2.1 inputs, so you can connect ALL THE DEVICES to watch stuff on. No more faffing about switching cables, because that's definitely why you've bought a $50k TV. You can see more features, including the TV in action, in Samsung's official video.

By the way, Samsung, if you need anyone to review it... give us a ring, yeah? Although I'd prefer the 2020 model, who's got the time for this 2019 relic?

This impossibly expensive, colossal TV doesn't (yet) feature in our list of the best gaming TVs, but maybe it will in 20 years time.

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