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This 4K TV sale will save you money on great screens for some of the best in the business

This 4K TV sale will save you money on great screens for some of the best in the business
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We live in a time when 4K TV sales are not that rare anymore, but that doesn't mean it's not worth a look every time some 4K TV deals crop up. The current discounts we've scoured from Dell and Best Buy are another great opportunity to do this, and we've rounded up a few of the highlights (there are more, trust us). To sum up, you could save a tidy sum on a great Samsung, Sony, or LG screen.

The 4K TV sale is spread right across the price spectrum, with some more modest savings taking TVs into impulse-purchase territory and some bigger savings appearing on extra-premium screens and sizes. 

For example, at the lower end of the price tag range, there's a 50-inch LG screen going for just $299.99 at Best Buy. You could also stretch the budget a bit more to get a better quality 50-inch LG TV for just $369.99. A start indeed, given LG's famous quality in the TV game, making some of the best panels going.

At the other end of the spectrum, there's a massive $1,000 dollar saving to be had on the latest and greatest TV tech in a quality panel from Samsung. Dell has one of Samsung's 8K TVs slashed by that amount, taking it down to $2,497.99 right now. If you were looking for a discounted route into the latest TV tech and to future-proof yourself, then this is probably your best bet, and one of the best 8K TV offers we've seen. 

However, if you want premium size for less then you should probably take a look at the Hisense 75-incher going on sale at Best Buy. This is down to just $749.99 and offers enormous bang for buck value - some of the best we've seen for those looking to get the biggest TV for their budget.

No matter which TV you might end up with, they are perfect ways to get the most out of Disney Plus bundles. If you fancy binging superhero movies, Star Wars sagas, or anything else out of a whole host of quality content, then a 4K TV deal is a great means to do so for less.

4K TV sale

LG 50-inch UN7000 Series 4K TV | $320 $299.99 at Best Buy
A slim saving but one that brings an excellent value TV down to an even better value price. 50-inches of LG television quality for just under $300 is an absolute steal.View Deal

LG 50-inch UN7300 Series 4K TV | $400 $369.99 at Best Buy
If you can stretch the budget a bit, then this slightly higher series of LG TV at 50-inches is a great shout. It's slightly more premium and you'll benefit from a better LG set overall. Nice.View Deal

Sony 55-inch X800H Series 4K TV | $998 $798 at Dell
This is a great deal on a premium TV. Sony's panels can have spiralling pricetags, but this series of TVs offers great value with this 55-inch screen exemplifying that beautifully. A great size, and a great price to get one of Sony's premium panels.
View Deal

Samsung 55-inch 8K QLED TV | $3,498 $2,497.99 at Dell
This deal gets you a very respectable screen with 8K HDR capabilities, for a massive $1,000 off the list price - that's a real win, particularly when going 8K is a good way to future-proof yourself moving forward.View Deal

Sony 65-inch X900H Series 4K TV | $1,600 $1,399.99 at Best Buy
Yup, it will have that Sony premium on the price tag but if any televisions go a way to justifying their price, it's Sony's ones. This is a supremely quality, large 4K TV set which will be great for games and entertainment alike, and it has a handy $200 off.View Deal

LG 70-inch UM6970 Series 4K TV | $1,100 $799 at Dell
And for just a tiny bit more, you could go for this 70-incher. Definitely worth it if you have the room in our eyes, plus you'll be getting LG quality - some of the best in the business.View Deal

Hisense 75-inch H65 Series 4K TV | $1,000 $749.99 at Best Buy
An absolute bargain for 75-inches of solid 4K TV. This will fill a wall and not break the bank for the size of the screen you're getting. While it often pays to look at the more 'premium' brands at this size, Hisense has made a great niche for itself by offering good quality TVs for value-busting prices so this is worth a look if you want to stretch your budget.View Deal

LG 75-inch UM6970 Series 4K TV | $1,099 $949 at Dell
A gigantic 75-inches of quality LG television for just $949? Yes, please! This is a great deal no matter how you cut it and should be a real tempter for those looking to get a beastly home cinema-style screen.View Deal

Want more? Good news - these aren't the only offers out there. Check out our guide to the best cheap 4K TVs under $500, or visit this list of the best gaming TVs for a bargain.

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