These exclusive new Rampage images show The Rock in action (plus, some interesting concept art)

Dwayne Johnson's acting career is defined by three little words; big, dumb fun. From Hercules to Jumanji, the man has always pursued projects which clearly appeal to the inner child jumping up and down within all that tightly packed muscle mass, and his next movie - Rampage - looks to be no different. 

Loosely adapted from the '80s arcade game of the same name, Rampage sees Johnson playing a Primatologist (stop sniggering) caught up in potentially world-ending events, after his favourite albino gorilla is hit by a meteor and starts rapidly growing to a size that'd make even King Kong think twice. 

What we've seen of the movie so far looks unashamedly bonkers, but our sister publication Total Film magazine has some exclusive new images which give us an even better idea of what The Rock is cooking this time around. 

The first three behind-the-scenes shots demonstrates exactly the kind of scale that Rampage is going for, and captures Johnson alongside his co-stars Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Check them out below...

The final image shows off some amazingly detailed concept art, and cinema buffs might be able to come to a few conclusions about how Rampage's story will play out if the scene in question has any bearing on the movie itself. 

This month's issue of Total Film - out on March 9 - is a monster-sized ode to Rampage, packed full of behind-the-scenes info, exclusive coverage, and new insights about the upcoming movie, in addition to all the high quality content you can expect from Total Film every month. 

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