The return of Supergirl and other stories: Tuesdays news in brief

Apparently Clark Kent is to be joined by his cousin Supergirl in the upcoming seventh season of Smallville. According to TV Guide , fellow Krypton survivor Kara will be awakened after 16 years of suspended animation to (in the words of exec producer Al Gough) “help Clark get in touch with his Kryptonian roots. She has all of Clark’s powers and a couple he doesn’t have yet. She can fly. And her response when Clark asks why is, ‘obviously girls mature faster than boys’.”

Over in Stargate-land, SCI FI Wire is reporting that a new spin-off series has the working title Stargate Universe, is set in the present day and will not feature the characters from SG-1 or Atlantis. "It's being developed," said executive producer Robert C Cooper. "Not a lot to say at the moment. It's a completely third entity. The third series is born of the mythology that's been established."

If you fancy a blast from the past this Tuesday afternoon, The Trek Movie Report has flagged up some archive interview footage from the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture; William Shatner comes over all philosophical as he talks about the decision to come back after 10 years away from the captain’s chair, Persis Khambatta (Lt Ilia) raves about being bald for the movie and a naïve presenter predicts that Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be bigger than Star Wars. Bet he wishes he could go back and change that one…

And just in case you haven’t caught it yet, you can see Will Smith as the last man on Earth in the trailer for I Am Legend (out December) over at Apple (opens in new tab) .

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