The Xbox Series X fan features a tiny Master Chief easter egg

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new video gives a look at the internals of the Xbox Series X, and it turns out there's a tiny Master Chief easter egg hiding within the console itself.

Just below, you can see the full teardown video on the Xbox Series X from gaming channel Detonando Gueek. I can't tell you what the presenter is saying because the video is entirely in Portuguese, but the video does give a detailed look at what's inside the console itself, including a pretty hefty fan.

It turns out that on this hefty fan, there's a tiny Master Chief hidden away. At around the 8:08 mark, the presenter turns the fan around to show an emblem of the Master Chief's helmet carved into the side of the fan.

The fan is the only bit of the console that the presenter actually removes. The rest of the video is a look at the insides of the Xbox Series X once the back panel of the console has been removed, where you can see the internals that sit underneath the fan.

The PS5 had an easter egg as well, but it was pretty different to the Master Chief's helmet within the console. It turns out that if you closely examine the PS5 controller, you'll see that tiny symbols of X, Square, Triangle, and Circle are all emblazoned on the body of the controller.

There's now just over a week to go until Microsoft's next-gen consoles launch on November 13. We might not be playing Halo Infinite on launch day, but for a complete list of games that are launching alongside both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, head over to our page on the Xbox Series X launch games.

If you're still looking to pre-order the more powerful console before it launches next week, check out our where to buy Xbox Series X guide for more.

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