PS5 controller unboxing reveals tiny easter egg on the pad

This PS5 controller unboxing video highlights a tiny easter egg that you might miss when admiring the DualSense which comes with the PS5 next month. 

YouTuber Austin Evans has got his hands on the controller and highlights that if you look at the body of the controller, you can notice tiny Cross, Triangle, Square, and Circle symbols, which match with the pad's face buttons. It's a tiny easter egg, but an adorable one too. 

His initial impressions of the Dualsense are also pretty positive. He notes that the new pad is a bit bigger than the DualShock 4, and the triggers seem to have a 'satisfying' feel. 

After a brief cameo from rapper Logic (because sure, why not), Evans starts putting the DualSense through its paces on different machines. Shocking no-one, the PS5 doesn't work on an Xbox Series X, although it does seem to take a bit of charge from the console. Evans also confirms that the DualSense doesn't work with PS4, although the PS4 does recognise the PS5 pad's built-in microphone. 

Where things get interesting is when Evans tries to connect to his Surface Laptop and Pixel 5. The controller works instantly with the laptop, meaning you could be able to use it as a PC controller, and it also syncs up with his Android phone. 

That then means that the host is able to play Project xCloud games with the DualSense controller. While he doesn't get to experience the haptic feedback that PlayStation has been promising, it's certainly an eye-opener to see Forza Horizon 4 being played with a PS5 controller. 

What then follows can only be described as a desecration, as the 'Tuber manages to snap open the controller, having a look at its innards. It appears to be a surprisingly complex contraption (not least when he discovers the controller has 2 distinct microphones), and one which doesn't look like it's going to be easy to put back together.

Still, it's a pretty insightful look at what to expect when we finally get a chance to go hands-on with the PS5 pad and considering the PS5 release date is less than a month away on November 12 for the US and Canada, or November 19 for the UK, the wait won't be much longer now. 

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