Netflix has an interesting response to Henry Cavill's Witcher exit

The Witcher
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Henry Cavill is leaving The Witcher – just not quite yet. To really hammer the point home, Netflix has let everyone know about Geralt’s current actor in the most dramatic way possible.

"Yes, he’s still Geralt in season 3," a message – which has been beamed into several UK locations – reads. That includes near The Shard in London, the South Bank, Edinburgh Castle, and the White Cliffs of Dover – just in case you wanted some travel tips.

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So, yes, Cavill is sticking around for three more episodes of The Witcher season 3 later this July. Liam Hemsworth will be taking over the role of The White Wolf from the fourth season.

Jaskier actor Joey Batey recently opened up about Hemsworth’s imminent arrival in an interview with GamesRadar+.

"We've been emailing, we’ve been exchanging our favorite quotes from the books and things like that. I don’t think any of us are in the position to advise on playing Geralt but he’s throwing himself into it. His training regime is insane and he’s been devouring the books," Batey said.

In a separate interview with The Telegraph, Yennefer actor Anya Chalotra played down rumors that Cavill was at loggerheads with the creative team over the portrayal of Geralt.

"When we are all on set, we’re dedicated to playing these characters and bringing them to life in the best way. And that is exactly what I felt every day from Henry," Chalotra said.

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